Ashapuri hike

Suryabinayak Doleshwor Ashapuri to Sanga commonly falls under the long but easy hiking route as it takes around 6-7 hours to complete the hike. The trail passes the two holy temples of Lord Shiva including the Doleshwor Mahadev and Ashapuri Mahadev and also provides the spectacular sight of the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in Sanga. The trail goes through the black topped road until reaching the Doleshwor Mahadev and then follows the dirt road till reaching Sanga.

Take the bus to Bhaktapur and then get off at Suryabinayak Bus Stop. Now then start walking towards the Suryabinayak temple that might take around 20-30 minutes. Now if you wish you may seek the blessing of Lord Ganesh in the Vinayak Temple. Upon reaching the Temple take the left turn and continue walking towards the Doleshwor Temple. As the trail follows the black topped road it might take around 1 hour to reach the Doleshwor Temple. The trail toward Doleshwor goes through some villages where you may even buy some snacks as there are not any shops available on the way until reaching Ashapuri.

After Doleshwor the trail follows the slight uphill with the paved road. The trail also offers the spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley as it passes through the beautiful hill. It might take around 2 and half hour to 3 hours to reach Ashapuri depending upon your walking pace. The trail to Ashapuri follows some ascends and finally descends down to reach the Ashapuri Mahadev Temple as the temple is located on the lap to the mountains.

tallest statue of lord shiva easy hike around kathmandu
Tallest statue of lord Shiva

Now leaving behind the Ashapuri walk towards the Sanga following the river. The paved roads finishes upon reaching the Ashapuri Temple. So now the trail follows the dirt road all the way to Sanga. The trail toward Sanga offers the panoramic view of the Northen Himalayas in the clear day. The hike to Sanga from Ashapuri might take around 2 hours and passes through some villages where you might stop for small tea break. Upon reaching Sanga you may visit the Kailashnath Mahadev statue depending upon your interest. Finally return back to Kathmandu taking the bus from Sanga.

Trip Details

Bus: Kathmandu to Suryabinayak, Sanga to Kathmandu
Hike Start Point: Suryabinayak Bus Stop
Hike End Point: Sanga
Main Highlights: Suryabinayak Temple, Doleshwor Temple, Ashapuri Temple, Kailash Mahadev Statue, Splendid view of Kathmandu valley along with mountain panoramasTime: Around 6-7 hours
Hike Grade: Easy

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