Shiva Statue In Pokhara – Experience The Amazing Viewpoint

The Shiva statue in Pokhara is a recently constructed religious and tourist destination at the Pumedikot Viewpoint. Finished in late 2021, the Lord Shiva statue or ‘Shiva murti’ in Nepali, is the biggest in Nepal, and one of the largest in South Asia. Moreover, Pumedikot, the place where the big Shiva statue in Pokhara is, provides a 360 degree view of the Pokhara valley below as well as picturesque views of the Annapurna Range, Machhapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu.

As a new tourist destination in Pokhara the view point and Shiva statue are quite popular amongst both local and international tourists. The statue is part of a larger project, and hopes to add additional activities for people of all ages, including senior citizens.

To find out more about the Shiva Murti and the proposed activities for Pumedikot, continue reading below!

Shiva Statue Information and Design:

The 51 ft high Lord Shiva statue in Pokhara Nepal, is perched on a white dome, resulting in the entire temple being 108 ft tall. The white dome is hollow inside and allows for meetings and other events inside. Additionally, the 108 ft tall statue is also surrounded by 108 Shiva Lingas at its base and has a total of 108 stairs leading up to it.

Shiva Linga at the Shiva Statue in Pokhara

The statue is one component of the park’s masterplan which will include 18 shutters for stores and restaurants, ticket counters, and various viewpoints situated around the area. Additionally, some of the bigger plans for the area include the construction of Martyr’s memorial park, a model of mount Sumeru featuring Shiva and Parvati and ensuring that the entire park is accessible to persons with disabilities.

The new three-story Hindu temple is situated on 21 ropanies of land and at 1,500 meters (about 4,900 feet) above sea level. As for the construction of the tallest Shiva Murti in Nepal, it was originally constructed in the Mathura of India and subsequently brought to Pumedikot to be pieced together.

As of the writing of this blog, some construction inside the temple area is still underway, and there is still significant work to be made around the temple in regard to the master plan for the area. That however has not stopped tourists from taking advantage of the new religious site in Pokhara and taking in birds eye views of Pokhara and Fewa Lake below. 

Shiva Statue surrounding area:

The surrounding area around the temple is still under construction and much is left to be done. However, many of the main structures have been finished, and the road is relatively good, allowing for even scooters to reach the top. Additionally, there is a few different restaurants and gift shops in the immediate area, that you can get food and drinks at like: lassi, soft drinks, momos, chowmein, ice cream and other snacks 

How to get to the Shiva Statue:

There are currently two different ways to reach the Hindu Temple at the top of Pumedikot. 

Traveling By Private Car:

The first option is to book a private vehicle to the top. Going by taxi will cost you around NPR 2,500 – 3,000 (USD $25- $30) depending on your negotiation skills! Additionally, to reach the view point from Lakeside it will take about 45 minutes by car for a non-stop trip. However, I strongly recommend coupling your Shiva Statue sightseeing journey with Pokhara’s Peace Pagoda.

Hiking to the big Shiva Statue in Pokhara

The second option to get to the Shiva statue is by hiking. There are two prominent trails, one from Dam Side Pokhara, and the other by taking a boat ride and then hiking up from the base of the World Peace Pagoda. 

Hiking is by far the preferred option by many tourists, as it is a relatively easy hike, that offers a good mix of experiences and fun! The entire hike will take you about two hours of hiking to reach the top – plus breaks and rest!

To see the full details on just how to hike up to the World Peace Pagoda, and the Shiva statue, check out our hiking experience from Lakeside to the top of Pumedikot!

Lord Shiva Statue in Pokhara – Closing Thoughts

Pumdikot-Shiva Statue in Pokhara

Originally, before the Hindu statue was constructed, there was a three story view tower that allowed visitors to climb up and get even better views of the Pokhara valley before. However, when I visited, the view tower was closed, and there is no word on if it will open again. Even though the view tower is closed, the Shiva Statue area provides pristine 360 views of the entire valley below.

If you are a first time tourist in Pokhara, or a local tourist that hasn’t ventured up to the 51 foot Shiva Murti, I strongly recommend going up and checking it out! There is no entry cost, and if you decide to hike the entire way up, you will find yourself enjoying a cheap outing in Pokhara. Finally, if that wasn’t enough the view from the statue will provide wonderful views of the Himalayas, of Fewa Lake and the paragliders floating in the distance, as well as a chance to get fresh air, as well as a fresh mind!


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