3 Best Hiking Boots for Women with Flat Feet

If you’re into hiking you know it’s a great way to exercise and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner there’s one very important gear that should be your number one priority. And this important gear that needs to be in your checklist is your hiking boots. Since your mode of transportation is your own two feet, you need to get the best hiking boots that will protect and support your feet at all times. 

Hiking boots are very crucial when planning a hike as it’s what supports and safeguards your feet. They even offer additional support when you carry heavy loads. As such it’s very important to invest in the best hiking boots as the weight of your body rests on your soles. To make it easier for you, I’ve come up with a list of the best hiking boots for women so that you can enjoy your hiking adventure without any worries.

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Best Flat Feet Hiking Boots: Quick facts 

The table below summarizes some quick facts about each of my three top boots for the adventure girl in you!

Hiking BootPriceCategoryWeightUpper Material
Merrell Moab II Mid Waterproof Hiking BootUSD $145Lightweight boot1.96 lbsLeather / Mesh
Keen Women’s Voyageur Hiking ShoeUSD $145Lightweight Support – Trail Hiking Shoe1 lbsLeather/ Performance mesh
Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus WaterproofUSD $89Lightweight Hiking shoe1.75 lbsLeather/ Suede/ Mesh

Best hiking boots for Women with Flat Feet

1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • merrell moab 2 mid WP women's boots
  • merrell moab 2 WP women's hiking bootback sole
  • merrell moab 2 women's hiking boot sole

Merrell’s Moab 2 has been one the best hiking boots of the brand and this version of the women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof is no exception. However, they seem to not be as durable as some other hiking boots but they are fit for moderate day hikes. The Moab 2 Mid WP is simple, supportive and has a comfortable design. I like how they give extra room around the toe box that increases comfort especially for people with wider feet. The Vibram sole gives decent traction, but the boot falls short when it comes to water resistance and durability.

These boots are well-padded and provide a lot of comfort while remaining light weight on the foot. Like the tongue padding that offers tremendous comfort for the ankle and top of the foot. The footbed and ultra-cushioned midsole design also helps to increase the comfort of the boots while walking on uneven terrain. 

Though the upper mesh material offers waterproof technology, I feel that it could be better. However, despite the low ankle height they still managed to keep my feet dry. Adding more to the mesh design of the boot, durability is another factor of the boot’s design that is worth questioning. The sides of the box where the toe box is located has the most mesh and can be prone to being blown out. Also, the lacing systems use mesh and fabric instead of leather, which detracts from durability. 

They offer well-padded comfort for the ankle, heels and the foot and would foot a wide range of foot shapes. The boots are easily breathable and have sufficient grip for different types of terrain. There is nothing special about these boots however their simple design and consistency makes them a strong choice.

A few notable features, as well as pros and cons for the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot are as follow:

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
M Select DRY: Seals out water and allows moisture to escape so that your feet stays feet when you’re one the move

VIBRAM: Has high-performance rubber sole with unparalleled durability, stability and slip resistance offering confidence on your feetAir

– Cushion: Targeted heel cushioning improves overall comfort by reducing stress on your foot with each step
– Waterproof membrane seals our waters and lets moisture escape
– Protective toe cap
Breathable mesh lining
– Kinetic Fit ADVANCED removable contoured sole
– Air cushions in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
– Lightweight EVA foam midsole for comfort and stability
– Works well for both beginners and experienced hikers
– Lacing system is not the most durable 
– Though it is said waterproof, there are some instances where water can enter through the boots after prolonged use
– Not sufficient underfoot support who require additional stability
– Due to lack of flexibility, adds a lot of pressure in the heel area
– Sizes running a little big
USD $145

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1.96 lbs. (size 7.5)
  • Width options: Regular, Wide

Colors Available:

  • Granite
  • Brindle
  • Boulder/ Blush
  • Bungee Cord

Should You Buy the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof?

Looking at this overall performance, the Merrell Moab 2 Mid is actually a great hiking boot. Although these boots have its downsides, they are simple, comfortable and offer lots of room for people with wider feet. They also provide substantial support in the underfoot, heel, and ankle as they have supportive, air-cushioned, contoured and EVA sole. However, I found them to be slightly heavier and less durable than boots of similar weight. 

The boots sole support also seemed to be slightly weak and felt like that I needed to constantly be aware of my steps. Having said that, the Moab 2 Mid does have a lightweight feel to it and is an affordable option for those that want to stick to a limited budget. This boot is an amazing option for people that are new to hiking or want to avoid all the additional process of boot-purchasing. The design of the boots keep particles at bay and the breathable lining protects against odors. The sole also comes with an anti microbial solution feature! Pretty good for an agreeable price!

2. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

  • KEEN voyageur womens hiking boot
  • KEEN voyageur womens hiking boot sideview
  • KEEN voyageur womens hiking boot sole

Are you looking for a hiking shoe that is perfect for hot, dry weather? Well, KEEN Voyageur is the shoe for you. They have breathable mesh construction and are lightweight, however, they don’t have sufficient cushioning or support as compared to other hiking boots. The Keen Voyageur has water resistant leather and upper material is mesh, a dual density EVA midsole, and non-marking rubber sole with 4mm lugs. 

The Voyageur is a classic hiking boot and offers great traction. KEEN’s footwear has a reputation for having a wide cut on the side and stayed true to their style. This fits ideal for women with wide feet, but can be an issue for women with narrow feet. I have smaller feet and wasn’t comfortable with the extra space for my feet, but what is not comfortable for me could actually be a best fit for someone else! However, I found the cushion under the forefoot was not enough and that was a problem by the end of a four-mile hike. I could feel every pebble and stones and wished there was an extra cushion underfoot. Also, my feet kept sliding around due to the wider cut in the front.

This shoe is ideal for light day hikes but for heavier backpacks I would prefer to get a stiffer sole and provide an overall support for my feet. The lugs on the soles offer great traction on moderate terrain, however, they aren’t the shoes with the best grip but they work pretty well for loose dirt trails and low angle scrambling.

Overall, the KEEN Voyageur is a sturdy and durable hiking boots. I love the extra rubber on the tie that makes the boot functional and holds up to as much toe-stubbing. 

However, a few great features, as well as pros and cons for the KEEN’s Voyageur Hiking Boot are as follows:

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– Cleansport NXT for natural odor control4mm multi-dimensional lugs
Contoured heel lockTorsion stability ESS shank
Metatomical Footbed Design: This internal support mechanism is anatomically engineered to provide arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot
– Water resistant leather and mesh upper

– Non-marking rubber outsole
– Dual density compression molded EVA midsole
– Mesh lining
– Removable metatomical dual density EVA footbed
– Proficient ventilation
– Not waterproof
– The traction is not sticky enough for difficult terrain
– Arch may not provide enough support for some
– EVA foam on the sole is more susceptible to wear-and-tear than the rubber

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1 lb (size 7)
  • Width options: Normal/ Wide

Colors Available:

  • Brindle/ Alaskan Blue

Should You Buy the Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoe?

Overall, if you’re looking for hiking shoes rather than hiking boots then Keen Voyageur is your shoe. The mesh and leather shoe makes the shoe very comfortable and breathable and sufficient stability for uneasy terrain. However, their water-resistant upper materials aren’t fully proof, which means it’s okay to walk around in light rain and dewy grass. But once the shoe is submerged in water, you have less than a minute until the shoe is completely soaked inside. This was a deal-breaker for me as I hiked in the Himalayas and had to cross wet paths a lot. However, if you’re hiking in dry climates then a non-waterproof shoes is a great option. They tend to be more breathable compared to a shoe with a waterproof lining. 

The shoe definitely didn’t work out for me but that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you. It still has great applications like better ventilation, wide toe room, and good foot bed design. And in fact, if you live around drier regions and have wide feet, these just might be the shoe for you. As the saying goes, if the shoes fit then wear it!

3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped

  • Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Amped Hiking Boot
  • Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Amped Hiking Boot back view
  • Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Amped Hiking Boot sole

Out of all the boots, Columbia Newton Ridge ticked all the boxes for comfort, water resistance and weight. Whether you’re wearing these boots for shorter hikes or long outings, these boots are super comfy. The boot outshines all the other boots when it comes to comfort. Though the design makes it look a bit tough and stiff with all the leather, these are the one of the most comfortable boots I have worn. A lot of people complained that on longer hikes, the Newton Ridge did not perform as well, but it was good for me. 

Regarding the support, the Newton Ridge is decent but not phenomenal. When I bent the boot, it did not hold its shape which means the boot is flexible and thus less supportive, however, it has a decent amount of flexibility in the forefoot. 

The Omni-Grip rubber soles provide great traction on moderate rocky trailers e but don’t perform well on technical hikes. Since these boots are designed for moderate hikes, they are slightly slippery on granite slabs. Despite all the small missed details, the boot’s upper seams surprised me. Though the upper part is entirely one piece of leather, the boots were 100% waterproof and seam-sealed. These shoes are perfect for rainy hikes and puddles and keeps your feet dry, however, water will start to leak if fully submerged in water. 

Overall, the leather of the upper part of the shoes are durable. Out of the two hiking boots mentioned above, the Newton Ridge are the ones I’ve worn the most. The boot also showed very less sign of wear and tear, none of the seams have come off and soles are intact. These boots are perfect for normal to moderate hikes!

Here are a few great features, as well as pros and cons for the Newton Ridge Plus Boot:

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– Advanced Technology: Features lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground.
– Handy Features: Waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction and its durable mesh tongue for breathability.
– Adjustable Features: Features a lace-up closure for an adjustable, secure fit.
– Feminine Style: Delivers style and durability with its contrasting color combinations and soft mesh exterior.
– Omni-Grip: This multi-terrain traction system matches specially formulated compounds and treads to specific environments. A dual-zone winter tread pattern ensures solid footing on surfaces such as ice and snow.
– Comfortable sole
– Good for plantar fasciitis, even on very long hikes
– Good looking and lightweight
– Good support for the arch and ankle ventilation
– Lightweight
– Super comfortable
– They require a break-in period
– Laces are short
– Not a lot of traction on the heavy-duty trails
– Lacks support underfoot

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1.75 lbs (size 7.5)
  • Width options: Regular/ Wide

Colors Available:

  • Elk/ River Blue
  • Quarry/ Cool Wave
  • Light Brown/ Cyber Purple
  • Black/ Poppy Red
  • Cordovan/ Crown Jewel
  • Charcoal/ Scorched Coral

Should You Buy the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Amped?

Honestly, i think the price is hard to beat for an ankle-high, waterproof leather hiking boot. They are not only comfortable but has a stylish look as well. These classic boot is perfect for all the ladies out there who love a little bit of adventure. These boots are lightweight and extremely durable. These waterproof boots are also constructed with a lightweight cushioned middle and non-marking traction rubber that offers sufficient support on different levels of terrains.

The reason why I chose the Newton Ridge is because along with properly ventilated and water proof seals they have a high-performance boost and advanced traction that make stability and grip great while hiking. The rubber outsole makes an excellent choice for cushioned ankle support, which makes it a perfect fit for both beginners and advanced hikers. The adjustable lacing hardware also offers a custom fit! And hey these boots are equally suited for cut walks and gyms! So, go get them now!

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