5 Best hiking boots for under 100 dollars – 2022

Having proper footwear to go hiking may seem like a difficult and expensive task to accomplish. With a million different options from hiking boots to hiking shoes, from low-, mid- and high cut boots to having waterproof and breathable boots. Additionally, with the die hard hiking gurus, telling you about their new and greatest boot costing a couple hundred dollars, you may think it difficult to find a budget hiking boot let alone the best hiking boots for under 100.

However, my friend, what if I told you you can get boots on a budget that will be durable and be able to handle any type of trail you throw at it. Well you can rest assured that there are options out there for budget hiking boots and shoes! This article will give you five of the best hiking boots for under 100 dollars!

No matter if you are a new hiker, or a seasoned vet, these boots will cover you. Unlike many of the other articles, I plan on giving you the five best hiking boots under 100 – short and sweet, no need to make it more difficult with a million options! 

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Without further ado, here are the 5 best hiking boots for under 100:

Quick Facts of the five best hiking boots for 100 dollars:

From personal experience and countless hours of research online, examining reviews and feedback from hikers who have worn these boots, I have shortlisted the 5 best hiking boots under 100 dollars. To dispel any confusion or overwhelm you with a paradox of choices, I wanted to give you the five best hiking boots for any type of trail, from the Pacific Crest Trail in the United States, to treks like the Tsho Rolpa Trek, these five hiking footwear have you covered. 

The table below summarizes some quick facts about each of my five top boots with the best price entry point of below 100 dollars.

Hiking BootPriceCategory WeightUpper Material
Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking BootUSD $90Lightweight boot2 lbs. 4 oz. (men’s size 9)Leather/Mesh
Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEXUSD $80Lightweight Trail runner / Hiking shoe1 lbs 6 oz. (men’s size 9)Synthetic/Mesh
Columbia Men’s Redmond III Mid Waterproof Hiking ShoeUSD $80Lightweight Hiking shoe1 lbs .5 oz (Size 9, 1/2 pair)Leather/Mesh
Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II WaterproofUSD $90Midweight Hiking boot1 lbs / 452g (Size 9, 1/2 pair)Leather/Mesh
Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking BootUSD $70Midweight Hiking boot3 lbs (men’s size 9)Leather/Mesh

Best hiking boots for under 100 – Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hiking boots are an essential piece of gear for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for rugged protection or lightweight comfort, the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot has you covered. With a great entry price point at about USD $90, these hiking boots provide a durable, long lasting and comfortable boot for 100 dollars.

Merrell is a solid brand when it comes to hiking equipment and clothing, and this boot doesn’t disappoint. It is a sturdy boot that protects the foot, and comes equipped with a toe cap for extra toe protection. Moreover, the padding around the boot’s tongue as well as colar is extremely thick, making it feel soft and comfortable even when tightened down.

The Moab 2 Mid is a hiking boot that feels great out of the box and can be worn immediately. It has a flexible feel to it, and has great arch support making it trail ready for almost any type of hiker. However, it is important to note that one thing against this boot is that it is relatively heavy for having a lower colar. It also may feel a little bulky to some hikers because of the weight.

Even though the weight may be on the heavier side, the boot provides a great bang for its buck. It is comfortable and provides ample cushioning to protect the ankles as well as the foot altogether.

A few notable features, as well as pros and cons for the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot are as follow:

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– 100% Leather
– Waterproof membrane
– Bellows tongue keeps out debris
– Protective toe cap
– Breathable mesh lining
– Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
– Lightweight EVA foam midsole for stability and comfort
– Comfortable out of the box
– Great traction and stability
– Versatile boot, feels athletic when hiking
– Not as waterproof (actually water resistant
– Breathability is restricted – not recommended for hikers that have extremely hot feet
USD $90

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. (men’s size 9)
  • Collar Height: Ankle height (about 3.5 in / 8.89 cm)

Colors Available:

  • 15 different color combinations
  • A few of my favorite: Earth; Gold; Olive/orange

Why I like the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot:

When I look to recommend a high-quality budget hiking boot to a friend, the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of my go to. I have found that these boots are up to the task of keeping my feet comfortable on longer hikes and treks with its lightweight body. Even though these boots are lighter, they still provide a great deal of support and cushion along the soles of my feet. 

The Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot provides a comfortable and athletic feel, as well as great traction and stability – all at a great price point of USD $90. I enjoy these boots for more moderate hikes that have more incline as they have an accommodating fit with ample length to avoid toe bang in the front of the boot, as well as sufficient room in the toe box to allow toe wiggle.Moreover, the collar also provides ample ankle support for a walking boot. The boot has a well sculpted insole that helps prevent any heel slippage during longer descents.

Best hiking boots for under 100 – Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEX

The Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEX is a great lightweight hiking shoe that allows the hiker to feel nimble and free. With their sports shoe design, with a durable and strong body, these hiking shoes allow you to bounce around the trail easily. Moreover, with the padded collar and body, as well as its protective toe cap, you can feel confident that you will be able to protect your feet from rocks and other debri that might be on the trail.

The Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEX is an environmental show that utilizes recycled material, as well as is a vegan friendly hiking shoe. The eco-friendly hiking shoe has 4mm Vibram Traction Lugs for advanced traction and grip while on or off the trail. Additionally, the hiking footwear has an EVA foam midsole as well as built-in rockplate for underfoot protection and security.

If you are looking for the best hiking shoe out there that allows you to traverse maintained trails, or even get into trail running, these will be a great choice for you. Moreover, even though these are lightweight trail runners like hiking shoes, they have a durable upper that allows you to go all out on the trail.

A few notable features, as well as pros and cons for the Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEX hiking shoes are as follow:

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane
– Mesh upper100% recycled laces
– Padded collar
– Protective toe cap
– 100% recycled mesh lining
– EVA foam insole with 50% recycled top sheet
– Rock plate for protection
– FloatPro Foam™ midsole for a lightweight ride that lasts
– New Vibram Traction Lug outsole design for added traction and stability
– Lug: 4mm
– Lightweight and flexible
– Resembles a trail runners
– Good stability and support for your soles and feet
– Uses recycled materials
– Not enough flexibility for running comfortably
– Durability can be an issue when the boot is pushed to the limit
USD 81$

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1 lbs 6 oz (men’s size 9)
  • Collar Height: Under Ankle height  (about 3 in / 7.62 cm)

Colors Available:

  • Lichen (orange and Green) – Personal Favorite!
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Black/Asphalt

Why I like the Men’s Moab Speed Mid GORE-TEX shoes:

If you are looking for a stylish, durable, and eco friendly boot (features recycled laces, lining and footbed), the Moab Speed Mid Gore-tex should be your go to. It is a high quality boot at a great price entry point. I have found these to be extremely comfortable and long-lasting. I love how lightweight these are and how they resemble a trail running shoe or a normal walking shoe. They allow you to feel athletic, and free while trekking and hiking. 

The only thing I would be careful with is the waterproofing. Since they ride lower on the ankle, there is a chance they allow water to flow over the top collar of the boot. That being said they have proven to be quite water resistant and able to repel water with ease. These are my go to hiking shoes for dry, summer medium difficulty hikes!

Best hiking boots for under 100 – Columbia Men’s Redmond III Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Men’s Redmond III Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a great budget hiking shoe that offers a durable and long lasting hiking shoe. With Columbia’s Omni-Grip technology, these lightweight hiking shoes allow for you to be explosive on the trail and move around freely. Moreover, Columbia goes a step further with the boot’s sole by wrapping it around the toe and heel for added protection.

As for the hiking boot’s cushioning, the heel section of the shoe is thicker and has great shock absorbing ability. Additionally, the hiking shoe has a removable foot bed that allows you to use your own insoles and orthotics to customize the comfort and cushion to your liking. The customization ensures that every step you take is going to be comfortable! The added features to allow you to include your own orthotics is a nice touch as well, as it can allow you to include and wear extra foot support to protect your foot throughout your backpacking journeys.

In terms of breathability and waterproofing, the shoe does a good job standing up against rain and moisture – just make sure to not fully submerge the boot in water for a long period of time as they can become damp. That being said the breathability of the shoe does help to dry out the boot if it gets wet during  your excursions 

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– 50% Leather, 50% Mesh
– Omni-Tech membrane bootie with seam-sealed construction
– Mid-cut boot that is a versatile hiker delivering all-day support and protection
– Has omni-grip, non-marking traction rubber outsole providing sure-footed grip
– Synthetic leather overlays provide protection through a mesh and suede upper
– Reinforced toe and heel barriers with an extended outsole and added toe overwrap for durability and stability in the boot
– Lightweight midsole and provides long-lasting comfort
– Boot sole is cushiony, great for new hikers
– Great value for price
– Durable and long lasting for price entry point
– Boot can run on the warm side
– Sizing can be off for some hikers
– The heel is on the narrow and rounded side
– Stability can be an issue for some hikers. 
USD $80

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight 1 lbs .5 oz (Size 9, 1/2 pair)
  • Collar Height: Ankle height (about 3.5 in / 8.89 cm)

Colors Available:

  • Graphite, Black (Light gray, black, and light blue highlights)
  • Cordovan, Elk (Light and dark brown)
  • Nori, Red Jasper (Dark gray/blue, green, and red highlights)

Why I think the Columbia Men’s Redmond III Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe is one of the best budget boots:

The Columbia Men’s Redmond III Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a great hiking boot under 100 dollars as it gives an athletic look and feel to the hiker. With its slim body, it looks sleek and stylish while out on the trail. Moreover, while wearing these hiking shoes on my hike in Pokhara along the Shiva Statue hike, it felt solid and comfortable hiking both up and down hill. The hiking boot was a fit well while also having ample toe wiggle room in the toe box which meant for a comfortable downhill hike.

All those features are great and make for the Redmond III being one of the best shoes for under $100. However, one of the best things about these shoes is that they felt great and performed well with my flat feet. During my time wearing these, I have had less issues with my feet hurting or feeling cramped in the shoe. The durable and strong hiking shoe does a great job protecting my feet. 

If you have wide flat feet like I do, you may want to consider checking out our 3 best hiking boots for flat feet. These hiking boots are tried and tested and are built for a flat, wide foot, ensuring comfort throughout the trek and hike!

Best hiking boots for under 100 – Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof makes the best boots for under $100 list as it is a lightweight boot that focuses on being comfortable and protective. With a great feel right out of the box, these boots are great for hikers that want to hit the trail immediately and feel confident on almost any trail type during their day hikes.

The mid cut boot features Columbia’s Omni-Grip technology, which provides superior traction on the trail with its cross patterned, multi directional lugs. Moreover, the lugs and traction also provide pretty solid traction even on icy and snowy trails. The rubber sole wraps all the way around the shoe, and upward onto the front of the toe section for added protection.

The Newton Ridge Plus II is great for dry hikes with not as much moisture or water on them. Whereas, even though the hiking boots are stated to be waterproof, we, as well as other fellow hikers, have found that the waterproofing is ineffective a lot of the time. If you are going to be hiking in a place with more moisture, like Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, you may want to consider checking out one of the other four options! 

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– Leather / Suede / Mesh
– Lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return
– Waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction with a durable mesh tongue for breathability
– Lace-up closure for an adjustable, secure fit
– A dual-zone winter tread pattern for solid footing on icy and snowy surfaces
– Durable, lightweight hiking boot
– Techlite midsole for superior cushioning.
– Great fit right out of the box
– Lightweight boot that is comfortable and athletic feeling
– Durability can be an issue when the boot is pushed to the limit
– Ineffective waterproofing in sustained moisture
USD $90

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1 lbs / 452g (Size 9, 1/2 pair) 
  • Collar Height: Above Ankle Cut (4.5 in / 11.43 cm)

Colors Available:

  • Graphite/ royal
  • Nori/dark banana
  • Collegiate navy/rusty
  • Black
  • Silver sage/ dark banana
  • Mud/ sanguine
  • Cordovan/ squash

Why the Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof is a great budget boot:

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II is great for day hikes and lightweight backpacking hikes. The hiking shoe is a comfortable shoe that you can keep on your feet all day. Moreover, with its traction you can feel confident traversing different elements along the trail as well as uneven terrain, while feeling good doing it. 

I do like this boot for day hikes and getting out on more groomed, dry trails. However, I do tend to shy away from it if I think there is going to be some moisture, or it will be a wet hike. That being said, overall I do enjoy this boot, and for its price point of USD $90, I am happy with its overall performance and durability! 

Best hiking boots for under 100 – Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot rounds up the list of five hiking boots under 100 dollars. Due to their extremely low price point, these boots are a great cheap option for beginner hikers. The boot is all around pretty good, providing great traction, as well as comfort on well groomed hiking trails. Moreover, they do include a durable shank along the boot that provides added stability while hiking some more rough terrain.

The hiking boot offers good protection against moisture and will do well to keep your feet dry during your backpacking trips. Moreover, with the breathable tongue, they also dry out relatively quickly, if you end up getting your feet wet while crossing a stream along the trail.

It is important to note that these boots do run on the heavier side (about 3 lbs) and can make longer hikes more tiring if you are not used to the weight. Additionally, hikers should be aware that these are not going to be very durable if you are hiking along more technical trails and paths. These boots should be used for more straight forward trails that are well maintained.

FeaturesProsConsPrice (USD)
– 100% Leather and textile
– Lace-up hiking boot featuring suede overlays, striped nylon straps, and logo on tongue/heel
– Removable molded insole
– Traction rubber cupsole
– Steel shank for support and stability
– Great value for price point
– Waterproofing does well (think more like water resistant)
– Comfortable with a good amount of padding 
– Design of boot makes them look bulky
– Durability may be a problem long term (but for price point it is a great value)
– Run on the heavy side for larger sizes
– Not suitable for harder hiking
USD $70

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight 3 lbs (men’s size 9)
  • Collar Height: about 3 in / 7.62 cm

Colors Available:

  • Brown/Olive/Snow
  • Camo
  • Taupe/Gold
  • Bone/Brown/Mustard

Why the Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are one of the best hiking boots for under 100 dollars:

The Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are a great beginner hiking boot that allows you to get up and get on the trail pretty quickly. They are sturdy and provide good stability to hikers while not sacrificing comfort. Moreover, with the solid lugs on the bottom of the boot, there is plenty of traction and stability for new lightweight backpackers that find it difficult at times to stay on balance while traversing rocky terrain.

Personally, I like this boot as an introductory boot for friends and family, as it has a very low price point and allows people to get into hiking without needing to invest too much money from the start. Of course, with the lower entry point, you will run into some durability issues and that is no different with the Bandera Mid. Therefore, if you are looking to get more technical on the trail or do more off trail hiking I would recommend one of the other four boots. These hiking boots are best for people looking to get out and enjoy a day hike on a well groomed trail!

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