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Were just a couple of people trying to explore and do as much as we can in Nepal! We have traveled around and lived in Kathmandu, Lumbini, Butwal and Pokhara! We are trying to experience new things and write about the secrets of the country! Follow us on our journey and see what you can do on your next adventure in Nepal!

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Pooja Gurung

Born and raised in Nepal, I am a travel enthusiast and foodie at heart. I currently work as a full time SEO Content Specialist while blogging on the side.

Here at Roam Around Nepal, I write all about food, travel, and culture. This site is a hub for all my thoughts, experience, tips and inspiration for travelers and food lovers. You’ll get a glimpse of my personal experience related to food, travel and my trusted recommendations! When I’m not working, you can find me experiencing new cuisines, reading or simply just enjoy my day doing nothing!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll love our site!

Roam Around Nepal author and writer

Hayden Rue

I am originally from the United States and I have been traveling, working and living abroad for the last five years. With most of that time being spent in Nepal, I have developed a deep understanding of the culture, heritage, and all the little intricacies that makes Nepal great!

Remembering a time when I first started traveling and living in Nepal, I want to answer all the questions I had coming to the country for the first time!

With my five years of living throughout the country, fluency in Nepali, and my time working as a Project manager for international development agencies, I write to inform all that wish to travel Nepal, work in Nepal, or just fall in love with the country!


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Roam Around Nepal, is monetized with ads as well as through affiliate links, to help us cover the costs of producing content about Nepal! Some of our blog articles contain affiliate links. Whereas, if you purchase something by clicking on our affiliate links, we will make a small commission for directing you there (usually 5% – 15% of the total price). Don’t worry, affiliate links won’t cost you anything extra, as the price stays the same. It’s just a helpful way for us to monetize our site, so we don’t have to pay for everything out of our own pocket, and we can providing new content about hiking, trekking, traveling and everything in between that is related to Nepal! We participate in the Amazon Associates affiliate program and other affiliate programs.